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Review: Guldkompassen

Guldkompassen (Den mörka materian #1)Guldkompassen by Philip Pullman
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It didn't actually take me this long to finish the book: I got sick and didn't read for a few days. Once I was reading it was really hard to put down, and I can't believe I didn't read it like ten years ago. Then again, I'm not sure I would've liked it ten years ago: I had a hard time appreciating world building that was Tolkien or Rowling.

Now I'm so here for this shit! Fantasy and steampunk-ish elements in the 1800s? Fuck yeah, I'm here for that. I like the dæmons (translated to "daimon" in Swedish, something that brought the chocolate daim to mind every time I read it), even though my inital reaction when Lyra's changed form was "come on, I thought they were to represent your inner soul or something, having them constantly change is stupid" ... only to have it revealed that only dæmons of children do this. As an adult of 26, I totally understood what the fisherguy meant when he told Lyra that at some point she would like for her dæmon to settle for a form. It worked really well.

As for the plot, wow, a lot of things went on, but I thought it was pretty nicely set up. The part with the alternate worlds were much harder for me to accept than anything else (it's a bit cake on cake, as we say in Sweden), but the concept was introduced so early, that I could buy it without any problems. And it seems to play a larger part in the coming books ...

Oh, and the bears were amazing. Loved their names as well, hehe.

Speaking of, the second book hasn't arrived yet and I haven't even ordered book three. A shame. Guess I'll have to watch the movie while waiting, though I hear it is extremely bad ...

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True story.

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Svedski sa...

Läser du på svenska eller engelska? Eller du skrev ju om översättningen på daimons... Jag tyckte att översättning på framförallt andra boken var lite meeh... Eller ja, det var en grej som inte var med när jag jämförde en engelsk och en svensk bok för massa år sen. Men ja, jag har ju framförallt läst dem på svenska, så det går ju bra ändå ^_^


Ell sa...

Svenska! Jag har beställt dem från Pocketogram, så alla har exakt samma framsida med olika färger i bakgrunden bara. X) Men om det varit på engelska hade titeln varit Golden Compass eller nåt, jag försöker alltid välja rätt utgåva på goodreads!

Får hoppas det här är en nyare, bättre översättning för det låter ju asskumt om de tar bort grejer ...

Heheheh, jag vet. Dåligt av mig. :(