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Review: Vild

Vild: en vandring till mig självVild: en vandring till mig själv by Cheryl Strayed
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I've been wanting to read this book since I saw the movie, because I really loved the movie, and I loved the book too but it is very much the type of book I should not be allowed to read. Because I totally wanna do something like this now and I probably could not handle it. I mean, sure, I can handle more than I think usually, but I absolutely LOATHE sleeping in tents or wearing wet clothes. When I went hiking with school it did include a lot of walking (and getting so many mosquito bites my classmates would come up to me and request a look at my legs because no one would believe how mad it was without seeing it), but even when we were in some of the remotest parts of Sweden we lived at a research station and had wifi and hairdryers easily accessible. I showered every morning.

Which, obv, Cheryl did not. I'm pretty sure the lack of hygiene would have me in tears before the pain did, but she barely seems to be bothered by it, unless some hot guy is nearby. Kudos, I guess. I actually spent a lot of time wondering about how she dealt with her period, but that was explained! Something the movie conviently left out.

Honestly, even though it was a while since I saw it, it feels as if it was a good movie adaption? Yes, a few things were changed, but I can actually see why they did that. The only thing that annoys me is that the movie didn't include a lot (or any?) female hikers, every interaction I remembered reading the book included guys, and even though she mostly hang out with men, there were a few women she became good friends with. But ofc, female friendship isn't a thing.

Might have to rewatch the movie now, actually.

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True story.

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