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Review: Mad About the Boy

Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, #3)Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Honestly, the first half of this was absolutely terrible, but it got slightly better the second half .... but on overall I think 3 stars best sums it up, because it's not nearly as good as the first two books (I looove those).

Killing of Mark Darcy was a stupid move. I'm sorry, but it was, and I'm not accepting it. He's alive, they're raising their kids, and it's all good. Idk, I would have loved to read a book about a happily married Bridget fighting with the other soccer moms and trying to get her script turned into a movie ... not a widowed Bridget dating "toyboys" (isn't it boytoy???).

The first half is just so not Bridget to me. She somehow manages to lose 20 kg in like a year? Hahahah yeah fucking right. Not a chance. Then, of course, the book has to deal with all the new technology and TWITTER and oh my gods, kill me, kill me now. You don't slowly build up a following of 600 only to lose them by one night of drunk tweeting, THEN becoming a hashtag and getting a new batch of 500 followers. NO. That's not how going viral works. And the whole "my tweet was retweeted 5 times and I got 12 new followers because of it" ahahahahahah WHAT!? No. Just. No. Stop trying to write about something you clearly know nothing about.

The second half of the book is slightly better, because it is more Bridget, but a more grown-up version of her. In a way I liked it, seeing her actually say what she feels and being more honest, but ... it also seems a bit weird. Especially the ending, concluding that she can't "do it all" (aka go to meeting once a week for a screenplay and still take care of the kids which she has a nanny for but whatever), because it seems so ... idk, what is Bridget even doing with her days?? Nothing. Naah.

Also, shipping Shazzer of to the US and having her marry some guy is a crime. She and Mark Darcy are probably the best/most reasonable characters from the first two books and now they're BOTH gone??? No, don't give me that shit.

It wasn't the worst book I've read, but I reject the initial premise and will declare the book anathema. Let's go back and reread the first two books, shall we?

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