torsdag 16 juli 2015

Review: Konsten att ha sjukt låga förväntningar

Konsten att ha sjukt låga förväntningarKonsten att ha sjukt låga förväntningar by Åsa Asptjärn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is v meta, because if I had had lower expectations on the book I would probably have liked it more (the title literally translates to "the art of having low expectations"). Honestly, it's a problem with books this short: I never get a chance to truly love them because by the time I'm getting into it the book is already over.

I did kinda enjoy this one, it was funny from time to time, but mostly it was weird. The main character is a complete weirdo and honestly kinda rude and hard to relate to, and thought I think that was intentional it still did not make me like him anymore.

It definitely should've been about his best friend, because he had a much more interesting autumn than the MC did, but ofc then the MC would seem like an even worse person than he did in this book so that probably wouldn't have worked out. It felt a bit like cheating, seriously, killing off a character and then having the others go "eh, he was a bad person, we don't really mourn him", just so the process of grief could be skipped over.

Oh, well. It warned me.

True story.

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