tisdag 14 juli 2015

Review: M is for Magic

M Is for MagicM Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I really like Neil Gaiman. American Gods is one of my favourite books, ever (only beaten, I guess, by LotR and Harry Potter), and Anansi Boys is my fave audiobook. Actually, when I listen to audiobooks, I prefer Neil Gaiman stories, because they really, really are made to be read out loud.

Anyway, this was ... not my fave. The first three or four stories (all about Jacks, man, why does he love that name so much?) were not my thing at all, but after that it picked up, and got more interesting. I liked the story about the grail and the excerpt from The Graveyard Book the best: a lot of the others felt like they left you with way too many questions after finishing them, and it got annoying after a while.

The book did make me wanna reread/relisten to The Graveyard Book though.

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True story.

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