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Review: Vi måste sluta ses på det här sättet

Vi måste sluta ses på det här sättetVi måste sluta ses på det här sättet by Lisa Bjärbo
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This is probably the most accurate depiction of being 18 I've ever read, and I don't mean that in a "being 18 was great and this made me wanna go back", I mean that in the sense that "being 18 was one of the worst times in my life and this is so spot on but it also includes all the good stuff and the dreaming and wanting to get started on life"-shit.

I just ... recognize so much of myself in Hanna, the main character? Not so much Jens, the 24 year old with a daughter, but I guess a little bit there too (being closer to him in age). But in Hanna I see so much of myself as an 18/19 year old about to finish high school: wanting to move abroad and spend time away from everyone, being so ridiculously in love and overthinking everything, crashing completely and being miserable when the other person doesn't love you back, desperately doing anything to get their attention, getting annoyed with your friends for no reason at all and pushing them away because you don't know how to break up with friends you've outgrown, et c. This is just ... exactly how it was. The good and the bad.

That said, you couldn't pay me to go back and be 18 again. I'd much rather read about it than live it.

I am going to pretend the epilogue didn't happen. I didn't dislike it or anything, I just feel I prefered the ending without it. I will consider it an optional epilogue, maybe really good fanfiction, but not more than that.

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True story.

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