onsdag 16 december 2009

Geek out

It made my day är en av de bättre sidorna på internet, i alla fall om man vill muntra upp sig själv. Kolla bara på de här:
While walking down the school hallway I saw a guy forcefully trying to kiss a girl in the corner. I was about to help when I heard the girl say “Expecto Patronum.” The guy actually walked away. IMMD
Eller den här:
I was wearing my bronze/blue striped knitted scarf – which might or might not be related to an awesome book – at the supermarket today. As I was perusing the yogurt aisle, another woman – like me, in her mid-twenties – walked past me slowly. She was wearing a gold/scarlet striped scarf and whispered “Go, Go, Gryffindor.” To which I replied “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”. We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. IMMD.
Okej, allt handlar inte Harry Potter:
I was in math class. I raised my hand and while the teacher was helping me, I got a text from my girlfriend and my tone is Navi from Legend of Zelda saying “Hey! Listen!” My teacher said without missing a beat, “Not now, Navi, he’s in math class.” IMMD
This morning, I pulled up next to a silver Lexus with a 40ish businessman alone inside. Between sips of his coffee, he was rocking out the radio. The song he was blasting? “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Disney’s “Mulan”. IMMD.
Det finns en del som dissar Twilight också:
A friend of mine told me a story about how he was working at the movie theater the night of the New Moon release. He was working concessions when he saw a group of girls hovering around a giant Edward stand-up. He turned away for a moment, then looked back to find that they had put a Hufflepuff scarf around its neck. IMMD.
Och det här är nog min favorit:
I was reading The Lord of the Rings in the train. It’s a one volume special edition with a red leather-bound hardcover. The man in front of me asks, “Are you reading the bible?” I showed him it was The Lord of the Rings and returned to reading. When he got up preparing to disembark, he turned to me and said, “Cuio vae, mellon.” and left. Meaning “Farewell friend”. IMMD
Varför händer sånt aldrig mig? Anyway, alla är inte nördiga, det är bara det att de bästa är det. ;P Det är i alla fall en nice sida och behöver man muntras upp lite är den genial!

True story.

3 kommentarer:

Chriss The Ninja Pirate sa...

"The guy actually walked away"
Best ever, ju! XD

Jag önskar sånt kunde hända mig med!

Svedski sa...

Hahaha, älskar första! Men najs, jag har precis hittat FML (Min favorit just nu är: Today, it was the last day of finals. After sleeping less than three hours in the last two days, I got in the car to go to school. For a second, I thought my steering wheel, the gas pedal, and brake pedal were all missing. That's when I realized I was sitting in the back seat. FML), men den här är ju perfekt när jag sitter trötta mornar och helst vill stanna i sängen!


Ell sa...

Chriss: Ja, jag också!

Facks: HAHAHAHAHHA! XD Jag berättade det där för min bror och han garvade nästan ihjäl sig. XP