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Review: Infinite

Infinite by Jodi Meadows

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I told you there'd be more dragons! And they were speaking too! Those are my fave dragons, so naturally I loved that part a lot.

I was very annoyed like half-way through the novel when everyone started completely freezing Ana out and then totally blamed it on her for some fucking reason? "Boo hooo you didn't tell us we did this thing that was horrible 5,000 years ago and now we have to feel guilty about it so we're gonna ... not speak to you because we feel so bad about it??". Like what? Especially given how fucking LONELY Ana has been for the major part of her life, how fucking DARE you abandon her like that because YOU are uncomfortable? And then fucking blame HER for it? Sorry, Sam, but I'm not sure you deserve her anymore. You were a fucking asshole.

For a moment I thought we were gonna get some sort of "omg this is actually earth but so far into the future!!"-thing, but thank the gods we were spared that. I mean, maybe it's still a possible headcanon, but it didn't go there, so I'm happy. I liked most of the revelations and what we got to see of "the rest of the world" and the other creatures. It all came together very nicely, though some of it were a biiiit magic ex machina for me to keep up with it. Still it was good.

What I'm not buying, though, is that there was a million people around in this city? It just seeems WAY too much, when everyone knew everyone like that. And especially at the climax, having about a MILLION skeletons dragged around the city??? Yeah, sure. Seems reasonable. While a million (or less than, but still several 100,000 people) stood in the city center and watched? Naah, it's too much. I can buy a couple of thousand, but not a million.

Didn't love the last chapter either, because it felt a liiittle bit like it cheapened the rest of the book a bit. I mean, I get wanting your characters to be happy and I prefer it to a sad ending of course, but it was a little bit too much. Before that though, I thought the ending was good and kinda lived up to what happened in the rest of the books. That's not always the case with these trilogies, so I'm gonna complain too much about what I didn't like.

Nah, it was good. All three books were good, despite how the first one started out. ^^

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