fredag 20 mars 2015

Review: City of Dragons

City of Dragons (Rain Wild Chronicles, #3)City of Dragons by Robin Hobb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book felt more like a transport book, which is weird since all the last two books about were about was travelling. I still liked it though, but there was a whole range of new POVs introduced, and there was a lot of new things to get used to. Certain, ships, for example. Not liveships, you know what I'm talking about.

Also the Chalcedeans ... or whatever they're called, ugh, I do not like them. Especially not the duke. It's like, everyone else is pretty chill and can be found in your average fantasy book, and then the duke is straight out of the most disturbing parts of Game of Thrones. My hope, of course, is that in the next book Tintaglia will fall from the sky, crush the duke, and then his daughter will take over and it'll be just like this:

Well, I can dream, right?

What I'm mostly looking forward to in the next book is a confrontation between Sedric, Alise and Hest. I was just wanna see them fucking own his ass by how much better their lives are, though Hest will probably not see it that way. And Leftrin can be all protective and then Alise can totally deal with it on her own because she is a capable woman thankyouverymuch and then BAM, Sintara eats Hest because honestly the dude doesn't deserve better. I got a little bit carried away here, but my point is: I hope Hest makes it to Kelsingra, because wow do I want to see him see Alise at her most awesome.

Also liked how the dragons were turning out in this one. More more more.

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