lördag 20 juni 2015

Review: Lilla smycket

Lilla smycketLilla smycket by Patrick Modiano
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mom asked if I only picked this up to get better book reading stats, and, well, kinda? Also because now I can totally say I've read a nobel prize winner. And also because sometimes it's nice to read a book you can finish in under two hours.

It was a lot better than the last book I read that was this short, but I'm still not blown away. It asks a lot of interesting questions, I guess, but it doesn't really deliver any answers. Which is maybe the point. I suppose this is the kind of book you should be forced to read in school and then discuss, because I'm sure there's a lot going on beneath the surface.

To be honest I would prefer a 1k pages Stephen King book to this, but for anyone interested in reading the most recent Nobel prize winner I definitely recommend it. It's not terrible heavy or long, and I did enjoy the plots as they were, but maybe not as they were (not) resolved.

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True story.

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