torsdag 18 juni 2015

Review: Kära Edda

Å skrive kjærlighetsbrevÅ skrive kjærlighetsbrev by Elen Fossheim Betanzo
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was mercifully short. I only picked it up, because I needed a book from an author with the same initials as me for a reading challenge. Ignoring the second last name, this book fit the bill.

It's not that it's a bad book ... but it's not that good either. It's short, which is nice, but in a way I wish it had been longer? That way I could maybe have connected with the character, gotten something out of it ... maybe understood something of the themes that were never really explored.

Although, from what I did see of the character I didn't really like her. Very judgemental, almost racist, and not a particularly good friend or girlfriend. But even so ...

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True story.

P.S. Boken heter alltså Kära Edda på svenska, men den versionen fanns inte på Goodreads. D.S.

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