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Review: Jurtjyrkogården

JurtjyrkogårdenJurtjyrkogården by Stephen King
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When I was a kid I lived near a Pet Cemetary. I used to think it was pretty scary to have to go near it when it was dark, or just scary to go inside it because if you went far enough there was a large dog statue which was creepy as shit. This did not keep me from going there in the middle of the night once, if I recall correctly ... but I'm pretty sure I didn't very far into it.

Had I read this book, I would've stayed far away, is all I'm saying.

Not that the idea of a pet cemetary isn't sweet, but what lies beyond is ... there is nothing good there. If there's one thing I think we can all agree is, it's that what's dead should stay dead, no matter how painful that may be. This may be easy to say for me, being a reader, in a world where something like this could (hopefully) never happen ... but at some point you have to learn the fucking lesson, don't you think?

This book was scary as fuck by the end of it, and I'm really glad I managed to finish it before my parents went to bed. Still not sure how much sleep I'll get, but heh, I'm happy I didn't have to finish it late at night with no one around. Even if it's just a book.

Did enjoy the "cameos" of other King novels in this one. Shared universes are awesome.

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True story.

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