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Review: Hobbiten eller Bort och hem igen

Hobbiten eller Bort och hem igen
Hobbiten eller Bort och hem igen by J.R.R. Tolkien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I four-starred it last time, because I thought "I don't love it as much as LotR", but sticking to that criteria I couldn't five-star anything else, except maybe Harry Potter. And now that all the movies are out, I do enjoy this book much more. Hearing Thorin's lines spoken in Richard Armitage's voice improves everything.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with the book being turned into several movies. So much happens that keeping it as one book would just make it very choppy and fast-paced. Maybe three movies wasn't ideal, especially not given how rushed the beginning of the second one was, but I much prefer it this way. There's no rule stating that every book adapted ever must just have one movie, in fact I feel lots of movies would improve by being split into several (I would GLADLY have watched 14 Harry Potter movies had they all been as good as the last two).

I would personally have ended the second movie when Bilbo and the dwarves arrive in Lake-Town, although calling Desolation of Smaug wouldn't have worked out then. But there is enough action going down in Mirkwood for them to stay there most of a movie, especially with the Gandalf subplot going on. That way we'd start the third movie with the dwarves going off to provoke Smaug, and they wouldn't have to drag the Battle of Five Armies too much. Like, make it a cool battle, sure, but few movies can deal with them focusing on just one single battle like that. Just look at The Two Towers, especially before the extended.

Still, I would never have loved this book as much as I do without the movies, so I'm just happy they exist, in whatever form they do. The same way, I suppose, I wouldn't have loved LotR as much as a tween without those movies ...

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