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Review: 11.22.63

11.22.63 by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mmmm, I liked this book. In the beginning I was like "omg I really wanna know how the world would change if JFK wasn't shot!!" and then I remembered that it's just fiction and even if the MC succeeded I'd only get to see Stephen King's version of history. Heh. Guess I got too caught up in the premise.

It is a great premise though! Time travel in fiction is always tricky, because it's waaay too easy to fuck things up or write something that just doesn't make sense. But I like the way time travel works in this book, although I guess there were some things that worked just because it was convienant to the story.

It's a long book, and part of the reason it's not getting five stars is because sometimes certain events are described a little too much, and sometimes, to show just how much of a good time the MC is having, it's so over-the-top happy it's not really believeable. And this is a book about time travel, so that's saying something.

I was a bit scared about the ending - how do you end a book like this??? - but I really enjoyed how it all "worked out" (more or less ...) in the end. King said in the afterword his son came up with it, and from what I've heard about King's endings in other books, it's probably a good thing he stuck to that.

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