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Review: Böcker inom oss: om boksamtal

Böcker inom oss: om boksamtal
Böcker inom oss: om boksamtal by Aidan Chambers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book (which is actually two books, at least the version I read), mostly deals with how to get children to read and how to get kids to talk about what they've read ... which isn't really relevant to my life at all. I don't hang out with kids, I don't want kids, and I don't work with kids. Even so, it was interesting.

Actually, it made me think about reading, how I read, and what made me a reader as a child. I have no answers though, but maybe that's not always necessary. This year I read more than the past three years combined, but I can't tell you what was different, just that something was. The same way I can't tell what made me such an active reader, while my siblings barely read at all. I don't think book discussions had anything to do with it: I can't remember having participating in those at all when I was younger. Maybe that's a shame.

I did like one quote though, about how a lot of people don't read for pleasure. They read right before bed in the evening, so they can fall asleep, but that's not because they find it particularly enjoying or anything. It was an interesting observation I've never really made before, but it also makes sense: a lot of people that read a lot (myself included) can't really read before bed because we get too into it and stay up way too late. It's dangerous.

Anyway, my sister is studying to be a teacher for young children, I maye have to force this book upon her.

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True story.

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