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Review: Purpurdraken

Purpurdraken by Carole Wilkinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book series continues to be incredibly cute. Thought I missed Danzi in this book, Kai is also a pretty good dragon ... although the fact that it'll be several hundred, if not thousand, years before he can be a proper dragon and fly and stuff is a bit sad. Oh well.

Good twists in this one, they weren't super-obvious but were still set up in a way so that you could kinda see them coming. Ping's life really isn't easy though, is it? I kept waiting for her to run away with the princess and let's just say I was't too disappointed on that part.

Though do I believe Hua is gone forever after this book? I sure hope not, because that is one crafty rat. I also thought that Ping and Jun might go off on adventures together, but it turns out he was just a fake geek boy so she dropped him like a potato. Good going, Ping.

Based on the description of book three it sounds freaking awesome, so I hope it delivers!

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True story.

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