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Review: The Elite

The Elite
The Elite by Kiera Cass

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Still not over "Swendway". Like, I'm not wrong, am I, that's Sweden Denmark Finland Norway combined, right? I mean, I know some country names are formed that way sometimes, like how Tanganyika united with Zanzibar and became Tanzania, but I'm just not buying it in this case. We'd go with something about Scandinavia or the Nordic, I'm sure.

And why is every country in the world suddenly a monarchy? Not constitutional monarchies (I had to look up that term despite living in one, great going Ell, great going), but full-fledged monarchies where political alliances are based on how well the royals do at parties. Just jfc, it feels so incredibly American to romanticize monarchies like that, and while I see why Illea ended up the way it did (at least it's somewhat explained in the books), how come the rest of the world decided to go down that route as well? I just don't get it.

But oh well, I can't delve too deep into this world or I'd ruin the book completely. It's still sort of a guilty pleasure, but it is at least a pleasure. America (the person, not the non-existent country) doesn't always make the greatest decisions, but most of the time I understand why she's doing them and that's good enough for me. Though I was sure her presentation would be about the importance of history rather than abolishing the castes: it seemed so obvious for her to do what she did. Also, she could probably have done it in a better way, but whatever.

When Maxon called her out on being untrustworthy in the end I was all "first of all, how dare you" but to my great shock he made an excellent point? So many times when I read speeches like that I'll be fuming because the guy is being a dick and blaming the girl for reasonable reactions, but for once I found myself seeing his point. I'm sure America will find a way to make some bad decisions due to it in the next book, but at least I am agreeing with him so far.

Though making out with Celeste like that? Idk dude, that was low.

Anyway, I can't even blame America for not immediately jumping at the chance to be princess so she can make the world a better place, because shit that is a big responsibility even for a seventeen year old. But I'm sure she'll grow into it by the end of next book. She better.

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